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Politics is ugly – But at least we can be honest about what we think.

Let’s face it: politics today is ugly. In the era of the Tea Party and Donald Trump, it’s slash and burn for ruthless improvement of one’s position. A take no prisoners, winner take all proposition for those in power. If it were a sport, it would compare with bare-knuckle boxing or the octagon. It’s fast moving, deceptive, and often the hits are below the belt.

Politically motivated news is also nothing new. Everyone, and I mean everyone who follows politics knows that Fox News is heavily biased and against liberal views and MSNBC and most of the so-called main stream media has been accused of left-wing biased. But they all claim to be fair and unbiased in spite of the obvious.

At Politi.us we aspire to ditch the pretext. So, in the spirit of full disclosure, and while we endeavor to behave fairly and analyze issues from the center, the truth of the matter is we we’re liberals and it would be nonsense to insist that doesn’t influence our point of view.

We wish everyone in the media were so forthcoming. Full disclosure would allow people to read with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with today’s laughably deceptive media culture where stations like Fox News shamelessly proclaim ‘fair and balanced’ coverage when we all know it’s a big joke.

The central concept that news should be unbiased is in itself a flawed ideology. Political news cannot ever be unbiased because news isn’t reported by disinterested observers. It’s reported by human reporters who are (generally) more knowledgeable than the public at large. At the end of the day, reporters are people and people have bias. And so news is biased.

In our view, news should proclaim their bias. Fair labeling, so to speak. Truth in advertising. That’s what we try to do here at Politi.us. We’re proud of our openly progressive bias. We’re not ashamed to admit it exists and we don’t pretend to be something we’re not. We just wish everyone else would follow suit. We think it would really help.

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