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October, 2020 Monthly archive

The end of the first debate between Vice President Biden and President Trump was telling. In Biden’s final remarks, he made the case to the American people to get out and vote, which seemed normal. His plan is to turn out as many people as he can.

But did anyone notice anything about Trump, because I did. He didn’t ask anyone to vote in his final comments. He didn’t stress the importance of turning out. He didn’t ask us to show up at the polls even one time in his entire closing statement. He he didn’t tell his followers that he needs them.

And do you know why? Seems obvious in retrospect. Getting them to vote is not his plan. If it was, he’d have implored his voters to come out and show us how they feel. But, nope. This was not even an afterthought.

So what is Slippery Don’s plan? Well, let’s recap what he actually did say. He said he vote is a fraud. Not just any fraud. The biggest fraud in the history of big frauds. The most evil fraud in the history of evil frauds. That was his message. That was his topic, laser-like focus.

In Don’s mind, he’s looking forward to contesting the results, and so it’s irrelevant if he loses. His plan is simple. If he wins, it was fair. If he loses, it was massive fraud on a scale never before seen. So asking you to vote is meaningless and a waste of his precious time on stage. But telling you the vote is rigged? Well, that’s planting the seeds of doubt in the minds of his cult like followers, and that’s all he needs from them right now.

And that’s why he spent his entire closing argument telling his supporters not that they should vote, but to be “standing by”, as he put it, to contest the vote.

I would never wish black lung disease on anyone, but the irony of this article is difficult to ignore:


The worst part of the story is that this person reportedly fought against health benefits and laws designed to protect workers.