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July, 2016 Monthly archive

Hey you, Trump supporter. Yeah, you. Trump wants you to trust him. But he won’t release his tax returns, the final arbiter of how much he pays in taxes, account of his investments, his actual net worth, and his charitable contributions. As a business person, EVERYTHING you need to know about him is in there.

But guess what? He doesn’t trust you with the information. You aren’t worthy. You are simply the dust mites he’s manipulating and using with his demagoguery to get elected.

You’re mad about Hillary’s email server? Well, how mad would you be to find out your candidate never donated to charity during times when he pledged he did? Didn’t help veterans when he said he would? Or about what are probably hundreds or thousands of shady business deals? We’re talking everything from inflated concrete prices paid to the mob in NY, and who knows what else?

Trump says he’s not releasing them because he’s being audited. So what? There’s no law against it. It’s just a convenient excuse. If they made some mistake or another, the audit finds it and it’s resolved like any other accounting mistake. Who cares? But it would be naive to assume that’s the real reason. So if you choose to believe it, you probably hit yourself on the rim of hole you’re sticking your head into.

Just remember, you’re not worthy of seeing his tax returns. You should trust Trump, but Trump doesn’t trust you.